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ZETA Engineering Company specializes in quality and speed. In today’s market, these attributes are what it takes to be successful. Their skilled staff of Engineers and Designers work quickly and efficiently to guide your product through every phase. Multiple services are offered in-house to reduce the cost and timeline of every project.

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ZETA utilizes 3D modeling from the beginning of every project. This strategy drastically shortens the overall design process. Starting with a solid model allows prototypes to be built almost immediately  answering vital questions regarding fit and ergonomics. 


Early 3D models also allow photo-realistic renders to be instantly created. These images help populate web pages, entice customers, and impress potential investors. 3D animations can be rendered for visual effects or for mechanical motion simulation.


ZETA's engineers utilize a unique CAD package known as CREO Design. Using dynamic modeling, they can modify designs much easier than those using software such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD. Combining CREO's tools with ZETA's design experience allows customers to receive the best service possible where time to market and innovation are critical in driving businesses forward. 

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Every great idea starts with a conversation. Let's talk and see if we have what it takes to bring your project to life.


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2-D drafting remains critical to the product-development cycle. Tolerances and general assembly must be verified against drawings. ZETA's software utilizes powerful annotation features that automatically update drawings based on 3D changes. This automation reduces human error and guarantees designs function properly the first time.


Prototyping is essential to analyze products and make sure they're ready for the end-user. Designs on a computer screen allow stress tests, tolerance stack ups, and general mechanics to be analyzed, but not how the product feels in someone's hand. Today’s technology allows 3-D printing a prototype within hours.


3-D prints provide the spatial sense of how the product feels and behaves in the real world. Vigorous testing on prototypes allow pre-production changes that would otherwise be costly down the road. It also ensures that customers will be more satisfied with the product.

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