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Every design is different. Some products may benefit from plastics, while others require aluminum or even steel. ZETA's Engineers are well-versed in today's manufacturing processes and will help choose the right path for your design.

Camera Cage Dimensional Drawing


Injection Molding allows large quantities of parts to be produced quickly and at a lower cost. Plastics are lightweight, durable, and perfect for consumer products that may require complex geometry and ergonomics. ZETA has created a multitude of plastic parts over the years and even helped push the limitations of plastic design such as substrate over-molds and living hinges.


Certain products have structural limitations that require metals over plastics. CNC Machining allows metal components to be created at high speeds and more precise levels. ZETA's Engineers are able to design parts specifically for 3-axis or 5-axis machines depending on design constraints and cost concerns.


Most projects are not limited to just one type of material. Complex structures and machines will consist of plastics, metals, electronics, motors, moving parts, etc. ZETA has created sound machines for measuring wind energy, dynamic heating elements for growing piezoelectric crystals, and self-growing plant pods for Botanists. No project is off the table when you share our passion for engineering and innovation.

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